Stability and continuity are the cornerstones of our ability to provide exemplary care.

Rehabilitative Services

We are well aware of your expectation and desire to be yourself again as quickly as possible and to return to the places and activities you loved before needing rehabilitation.  We offer a team of experienced, knowledgeable, caring, and energetic professionals who have the ability and the goal to motivate you to achieve your highest potential.  We deliver success.  We offer all aspects of appropriately rigorous physical, occupational, and speech therapy tailored to your needs and available seven days a week, twice daily.  In the Rehabilitation Department at Rose Garden, you and your therapist will establish a trusted and trusting relationship as you relearn how to successfully navigate your world.


Cardiac Care

Our Cardiac Care program was created to ensure positive outcomes to meet the post-acute needs of cardiac patients recovering from surgery of coping with a multitude of chronic cardiac conditions.


"I am nothing but happy with the care that my husband is receiving, each department has such an important and positive role."

The Shadell Family